Reject The MA-GOP Establishment on March 1st

The same people who told us it was Bob Dole’s turn, John McCain’s turn, and who told us we can’t repeal Obamacare simply cannot resist their wicked ways.  Their latest foray is thinking that they can tell us how to vote for the very people we elect to represent us to the Party.  Our Establishment is spending hundreds of thousands of dollar (much of it raised by questionable organizations not even in Massachusetts) to tell us how to vote.    For the Establishment!

Our local establishment – Baker and Polito et al – would have us believe that this is about building a stronger State Committee, less focused on ideology and more focused on winning. However, were that the case, they wouldn’t be throwing weight behind candidates, be they incumbent or challengers who are State Employees.  One of the biggest responsibility of a State Committee Member is recruiting candidates AND fundraising for them and the MA-GOP.  However, State Employees by law can’t be remotely connected to political fundraising. The can’t so much as lend their name to a “Host Committee” for such event, let alone speak at it, or contact donors. So does supporting these candidates help make a stronger State Committee?   Money after all is the mother’s milk of politics as they say.

So what is really going on here? State Employees, most of whom have political patronage jobs, will be beholden to Baker. There is an inherent conflict of interest. State Committee members are elected by Republicans in their district to represent them, their views, their priorities, and to direct party resources to their district races. However, any district represented by State Employee will have representation with at best a divided loyalty, as I mentioned by a Committee member that can’t carry out the job description.  This is not speculation on my part. Rather, we’ve read the convicting evidence in February 19th’s Boston Globe Article, that exposes just one case of strong arm tactics being used against a public employee that sits on the State Committee. So we have every reason to believe that this will pattern moving forward. Neither political patronage jobs, nor thousands of dollars in campaign finance subsidies from Baker, come without the expectation that if elected these State Committee members will vote exactly the way Baker wants. They will do the Establishment bidding and perpetuate policies that cater to the Donor-Class and Lobbyists whims.

It’s no secret that for decades the MA-GOP has pursued a failed policy of directing virtually all party resources to winning and or maintaining the Corner Office. That’s is where patronage spoils are to be had. The reason is simple. The Party Establishment is made up of donors, self-serving insiders, and lobbyists. Certainly a Republican Governor can deliver far more than a State Rep or State Senator.  And where has been the fruit of following the aforementioned failed policy? Party registration is teetering at cusp between single and double digits. We have a legislature that can’t force a roll call vote, let alone uphold a Baker Veto. And of course this forces Baker to cut bad deals with Democrats in order to get anything done.

How far we’ve come from 1990! After a near decade of authentic party building by the late Ray Shamie, Massachusetts elected a Republican Governor, a Republican Treasurer, and 16 State Senator… yes that’s SIXTEEN State Senators. A close look at the numbers from that election, reveals that a shift in a few thousand votes in key districts, would have yielded a Republican State Senate, with a Republican State Senate President.

So what the hell happened?  Bill Weld and Paul Cellucci happened! They took over the party apparatus, adopted this “Corner Office Only Policy!”  The end result being that Mitt Romney inherited a State Legislature that 85% Democrat, able to override his vetoes any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Baker, who ran a Weld style campaign and is following in his footsteps. He gives lips service in his endorsements to building a stronger State Committee. But in reality he is endorsing cronies, many of whom are State Hacks, working for good wage, being paid by the taxpayers. Among other things, the electorate should consider whether this is not a violation of the public trust and misuse of State Funds. These people are being paid by Massachusetts Taxpayers to serve the public, not to serve Mr. Baker’s political whims on the State Committee.

But let’s assume Baker is right, and it is all about hard work.  Who worked harder than the people who ran Tank the Gas Tax, the biggest tax repeal in Massachusetts in 25 years or more?  Of the 4 principals running for State Committee, Bailey, Aylward, Lamb and Pinto – all listed as principals on the initial petition presented to the Attorney General –  non have been endorsed by Baker and the Establishment.  Two are running against State Employees, and the other 2 are running against people with absolutely zero involvement, and with absolutely no record of accomplishment for the Party.

The list of carpetbaggers and or Political Patronage hacks pretty extensive.  For a full review of the contested races, I direct you too:

On March 1st, voters will have clear choice – grassroots or Establishment.  The Establishment has exactly ZERO interest in building the MA-GOP. Their only interest in perpetuating the same failed “Corner Office Only Policy.”   The grassroots does the work – they make the difference.  On March 1st, Vote Against any and all Candidates endorsed by Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito.

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