Our party is supposed to be focused on defeating Democrats.
Over the past two weeks, our mailboxes have been flooded with mail paid for by Governor Charlie Baker. He is supporting a team to oust the workers of the GOP—the same people who passed the repeal of automatic gas tax hikes. His team includes a Democrat, a male stripper and state employees.

Baker has raised and spent more money for these state committee fights than what was spent on the legislative special elections. More Republican money has been spent on defeating fellow Republicans than Democrats.

More mail has been done against fellow Republicans than Democrats.

More phone calls have been made against fellow Republicans than Democrats.

There is something terribly wrong when a Republican Governor spends more money and effort in defeating Republicans than Democrats. There is no defense for his actions. There is no justification.

The true grassroots of the party, not payroll patriots, gave Baker a pass when Tim Buckley said –their plan was “screw you Republicans.” The true grassroots and all the business groups held their noses when he appointed Stephanie Pollack. No one bad mouthed Baker when he appointed a Democrat as District Attorney.

We stood by him as he justified that he had to govern.

No more!

Who will be the winners on Tuesday? Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Stan Rosenberg. Baker has forever divided this party.

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