Janet Leombruno for State Committee

There seems to be a storm raging in Massachusetts. Charlie versus the grassroots. Red on red. Allow me to opt out of the battle. My sympathies are divided.

That said there is one person I can recommend to the Republicans of Massachusetts and especially those in Framingham and surrounding areas and that is Janet Leombruno. Janet is running for reelection to State Committee – an affirmation from the Republican voters that she richly deserves. Whether she has been helping the Lieutenant Governor-to-be or the fledgling campaign of a scientist-turned-politician for Congress, Janet has been an extraordinary asset to the Party. She is unfailingly energetic and has a keen political instinct. More than that, she is a conservative who will support the issues that are most important to the base (and the base is surprisingly conservative here in Taxachusetts) of the Party.

This is not to mention the obvious fact that Janet has a lovely family and is always a joy to be around…even when the ours get long and the work goes on.

I urge the voters of the 2nd Middlesex and Norfolk district to cast their vote for Janet Leombruno on Tuesday, March 1. She is good for all of us!

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  • Hear hear! Great post Mike – wholeheartedly agreed.

  • right wing

    i have known janet since 2010.
    scott brown special election.

    she is a tireless worker for the gop.
    elected to the state committee in 2012
    she has not sat on her laurels.

    not only deserving of re-election to the republican state committee but
    recognition of her tireless efforts for republican candidates conservative moderate & liberal.

  • Andrew Prout

    Sure – Janet is really nice, especially to the country club crowd.

    In 2012 she filed a complaint against duly-elected delegates, and wanted to ignore the votes of over 100 Liberty Republicans at that Caucus who voted for me. In response me and the other delegates had to skip our memorial Day weekend plans, and contact them all for signatures to swear that they were actually registered republicans, even though that could be freely looked up on the town rolls. What a joke.

    Then – in Sept 2015, Janet voted against having the registered republicans elect RNC delegates in a caucus.

    I guess – if you donate a lot of money, go to the right University, or belong to the right country club – then Janet is your vote. For the rest of us, that roll up our sleeves, and go to work every day, and on our weekends knock doors and collect signatures – I highly endorse TRISH VANERIA.

    -Andrew Prout
    2012 Delegate to the Republican National Convention from the Massachusetts 5th congressional District

    • right wing

      are you kidding me ?

      what you fail to mention is you are writing your response from
      new hampshire.

      nice try !

    • Argh. I meant the “good point” for your comment.

  • rockinrandall

    GMAFB Mike, She is known as Selfie Leombruno.

    Totally worthless.

    • Janet is a very good person with a great heart. I have seen her work until
      three in the morning to help a candidate who was in trouble. Anyone who
      actually knows her would agree.

      • Very much so Mike. A heart of gold and infallible will to help our party and candidates.

  • Good point.