Janet Leombruno for State Committee

There seems to be a storm raging in Massachusetts. Charlie versus the grassroots. Red on red. Allow me to opt out of the battle. My sympathies are divided.

That said there is one person I can recommend to the Republicans of Massachusetts and especially those in Framingham and surrounding areas and that is Janet Leombruno. Janet is running for reelection to State Committee – an affirmation from the Republican voters that she richly deserves. Whether she has been helping the Lieutenant Governor-to-be or the fledgling campaign of a scientist-turned-politician for Congress, Janet has been an extraordinary asset to the Party. She is unfailingly energetic and has a keen political instinct. More than that, she is a conservative who will support the issues that are most important to the base (and the base is surprisingly conservative here in Taxachusetts) of the Party.

This is not to mention the obvious fact that Janet has a lovely family and is always a joy to be around…even when the ours get long and the work goes on.

I urge the voters of the 2nd Middlesex and Norfolk district to cast their vote for Janet Leombruno on Tuesday, March 1. She is good for all of us!

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