Donald Trump for President

Every political campaign and every political candidate is to some degree a stool sitting on three legs: character, knowledge and policy. What kind of person is the candidate, what abilities does he or she bring to the office, and what are the policy positions which the candidate takes?

I have had some very good and thoughtful conservative friends (I won’t name them for their sake, though you know their names) who have attempted to convince me that Donald Trump’s stool is perched on a single leg – that his character is appalling and his knowledge that is pertinent to the Presidency is weak. Much less frequently do I hear that his policy positions are in error.

And that is strange.

Because when Trump said that Mexico was not sending their best people – they are in fact sending us their uneducated poverty – conservatives raged along with liberals. When Trump said that we need a moratorium on Muslims coming to America, President Obama and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley joined hands and (though not mentioning his name) denounced Trump. (And then, according to exit polls, 66% of Republicans in New Hampshire said they favor the ban). When Trump focused on jobs being exported to China and Mexico and Vietnam the cry went out that Trump was going to start a trade war and the global economy would spiral into recession if not depression. When Trump said he would bring back waterboarding for savages who cut heads off and post their psychotic rages on the internet, Trump’s fellow candidates disagreed. I wonder if there have been any polls lately on what the American people think?

Because the outrageous policy ideas that Trump has put forth throughout his candidacy have seized sizable portions of the electorate and, whether it is philosophical capitulation or political calculation, the critics have seen fit to at least hold their fire.

But those first two stool legs – character and knowledge – what of them?

Truth is, I don’t like it when Trump sprays water around the stage and ridicules Marco Rubio for sweating. I don’t like it when Trump calls Cruz a liar. Just to be balanced here, I liked it very much when Trump said that Jeb Bush was “low energy….he’ll live a long time.” And I will offer no opinion on Trump’s remark about Carly Fiorina (“look at that face”) except to say that that one remark ended her campaign. As for Trump’s comment about Megyn Kelly regarding that thing that happens at a certain time each month…well, I’m a married guy and there are certain things which I am not allowed to think – let alone say.

It is widely claimed that Trump’s behavior and his policies are vulgar. But G.K. Chesterton once wrote that every vulgar notion and joke contains a “subtle and spiritual idea.” And believe me, there is a lot of subtle and spiritual going on with Donald Trump.

To me, the most subtle and spiritual policy idea that Trump has is that illegal aliens have to leave…all of them. Trump explains this in seemingly bland terms by saying “you either have a country, or you don’t.”

But this idea is profound.

Consider that conservatives – not to mention all the other working people whose jobs, emergency rooms and parks are trashed by illegal aliens – those people who demand that the immigration laws be enforced are denoted as racist. The fact is that nothing has made the United States more racist in the last thirty years than the invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Nothing will go further to embed the contempt for Hispanics in our society than waving their crime of illegal entry and rewarding them with permanent legal status (and please don’t make me laugh about making them learn English).

I could write about the insightful nature of many of Trump’s pronouncements – even his trade protectionism toward which I am instinctively opposed. I could hedge more on his character defects and his vanity.

In the end however I am convinced, as Scott Brown and Chris Christie and (the very gold standard of conservatism) Jeff Sessions have been convinced that the situation is “piled high with difficulty” and we need to make America great again. And the man who can do that – the only man who is big enough for the job – is Donald Trump.

I urge you to vote for Trump on March 1.

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  • Peter S

    Mike, what do you make of all the MA Democrats who are voting for Trump in the primary? Do they think Hillary will beat Trump more than the other candidates? Or have the Trump people pulled off a Thad Cochran?

    • What’s your source for this?

  • I have met many of those people. They are excited about Trump because he addresses the issues that matter to them – one of which is that they have watched their jobs go overseas for thirty years. Trump has a protectionist streak. I am a libertarian. But I think sometimes it is better not to be too pure about it.

    • A libertarian. Really? Not if you can support Trump. Square that circle.

  • When a presidential candidate says unashamedly, “We’re going to open up libel laws and we’re going to have people sue you like you’ve never got sued before” people who love the Constitution should shudder. He’s not fit to be president no matter how low the bar has been set by the current officeholder.

  • Edward Wagner

    Michael, tell me you think this will not happen.

    This conversation will take place early in 2017 if certain events transpire in 2016.


    Hey, Donald, this is Chuck! Oh, excuse me, MR. PRESIDENT, this is the senior U.S. Senator Charles Schumer from your home state. Yeah, I know you’re pulling my leg but out in public I can’t really slap your back any more so I just thought I’d give you friendly buzz. So when did we last rub elbows? It was at a party or maybe a fund raiser downtown early last year before you went all GOP. Here’s to when we can meet again midtown or downtown back in civilization again.Meantime I’ll tell my assistant to drop you a line on what are the few really good restaurants in DC.

    Anyway, I wanted to be the first Democrat to congratulate you on your election. Hard feelings? You kidding? It was your nomination that guaranteed we’d take back the Senate. And so here I am, finally Majority Leader. I was beginning to think that it would never come to pass. And, yes, it was my influence that prevented my colleagues from leaking that dossier we have on you to the press. I said to them, “Look, it might backfire and, anyway, why burn our bridges with The Donald? Besides, always keep some ammunition in reserve.”

    The other thing I want to talk to you about is this wall that you want; and here we both have to put our cards on the table.You see, it depends on what each of us wants. The thing about us Democrats is that we ALWAYS know what we want (which is why in the end we always spank the Republicans who are never quite sure). And what we want here is an IRON CLAD PERMANENT ELECTORAL MAJORITY so that we never have to f–cking share power ever again. We are not going to let you or any other Republican (yeah, I know, Donald, but for now …) get in the way of this. This is our, as you would say in one of your books, “non-negotiable.” But after that, quite a lot IS negotiable so I really do think there is a deal to be made. To put it another way: YOU want a wall and WE want more “new citizens” and I don’t think there is any reason we both can’t get what we want. See, Donald, I know that the one thing you want avoid is losing face with your supporters, looking like you failed to “deliver.” But your supporters (followers? acolyte’s? fans?) don’t really know what they want until you tell them; and they don’t want to hear the details. So lets have you tell them you promised a wall on the border and you (with our help) delivered. But let US take care of the details.

    The problem of immigration control isn’t rocket science but it does involve several interlocking policies such as e-verify, visa compliance and, yes, deportation. If these don’t work together a wall is not gonna keep our new voters out any more that the Maginot Line kept out the Germans. But your followers don’t care about policy; they care about a symbol. I think we can give you your symbol as long as we control the policy.

    Donald, baby, I know you are one of the greatest dealmakers of all time. Yes, I read your book. So I also know that one of the important deal making skills is bluff.But we are not on TV now or at a rally so here out of the limelight we can both put our cards on the table. And you can see that my side has a few more than you do. If you try to go whole hog nativist we’ll block you and you’ll get nothing.Nothing that truly hurts Democratic interests is going to get through MY Senate. Executive orders? Who’s gonna carry them out? The entire federal system is a collection of Democratic operatives. FIRE THEM? Now I know you’re pulling my leg. Most of them you CAN’T fire and they are going to be at their desks long after you kicking up your heels with a pina colada back in Mar-a-Lago. A government SHUTDOWN?? Donald, you’re killing me. The Republicans are chicken shit about that. It’s one of the reasons they stuck shiv in Ted and why you’re president. You’d be all alone and you might even have your veto overriden. And your groupies would be with you up to the first late Social Security or government subsidy check or closed national park.

    Deportation? Well, actually, Donald, we’re counting on you to conduct a few high profile deportations. You see, we have to keep our base riled up just like you do. It’s red meat for both sides. Put a few wetbacks “of color” in shackles and make sure their pictures are taken for FOX, CNN and the Times when they’re paraded through airport and the La Raza crowd will scream in outrage and you people will howl with glee. It can be a win win for us. As long as it doesn’t change the BASIC ARITHMETIC with which we will transform the country long after you’ve ridden off into the sunset.

    So let’s make a deal. Play the hand you’ve been dealt. I can even guarantee you a few “grown in office” stories in the Times or Time Mag a year from now. After all, don’t you think its fabulous that two Big Apple homies are now running the country? Maybe in ’20 you can run as a Democrat and we can both play on the same team in the open. Catch ya later, Donald.

    Edward ww