Carr: Payroll Charlie leads key RINO hack attack

Howie Carr features a few of Baker’s hacks that he has backed.

Carr: Payroll Charlie leads key RINO hack attack

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It’s the new hackerama — a GOP state hack attack.

Gov. Charlie Baker is trying to take over the Republican state committee Tuesday, replacing, in many cases, conservative incumbents who have real jobs with payroll patriots. Also known as, hacks.

The key to working Baker’s electoral magic with these obscure fights was to keep everything under the radar screen, way under. But now the rock has been turned over, and Donald Trump’s name on the ballot means a huge turnout — just what the hacks didn’t need.

Search: Massachusetts payroll database

Let’s start with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) formerly known as the MDC. Once a hackerama, always a hackerama. It’s part of the Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs. The secretary is Matt Beaton, a former state rep who makes $156,363 a year.


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  • right wing

    finally a headline that is being promoted
    other than the boston globe.

    I disagree with carr assumptions but the herald at least gives republicans
    a fair shake.

    the boston globe that some have been pushing would like nothing
    more to see and help with republicans trying to cut each other down.

    look no further than the letter published by the rnc representative.

  • What’s the expiration date on Howie’s love affair with the Donald? You know the Donald, the ultimate RINO who favors eminent domain, crony capitalism, and a single payer health care system. He also supports gay marriage, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • This election is about immigration policy.