BHI releases analysis of Trump and Cruz tax proposals

Along with our partners at the National Center for Policy Analysis, we take a close look at the Trump and Cruz tax proposals.  Here’s the abstract from the paper released this morning.

“Taxes impinge on individual and business decisions to work, save and invest. Using a dynamic computable general equilibrium model that we created for the National Center for Policy Analysis (the “NCPA-DCGE Model”), we simulate the effects on the U.S. economy of tax proposals by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. We find that both proposals result in significant positive impacts on output, investment, employment and household well-being, compared to a baseline estimate. We find that the Cruz plan has a stronger positive effect on the economy and causes a smaller decrease in government tax revenue than the Trump plan.”

Read the whole study over at NCPA.  The Institute will be releasing similar analyses of other candidate proposals over the next few weeks.

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