Baker loyalty?

Today we are waking up to that Governor Charlie Baker is endorsing Gov. Chris Christie. Didn’t Charlie say he wasn’t getting involved in the presidential race? He changed his mind. We are supposed to believe that it is due to loyalty to Christie for his help in the race for Governor, Charlie is endorsing.

It begs the question as to why Charlie has no loyalty to volunteers who helped elect him Governor. We all saw the email blasts this week with the Governor creating a feud deeper than the Hatfields & McCoys.

Baker has turned his back on people who worked their hearts out for him.

Baker is loyal to Christie but not the volunteers who put in the hours.

Baker is kinder to Democrats putting them into jobs in his administration than volunteers who put up signs, made phone calls, and got signatures.

It sends a clear and concise message. Money is everything to this guy. He big accomplishment for the past year has been raising money for his campaign account. Christie delivered money. And Baker wants to control the money in the state committee.

That’s why he is supporting many committee members who now work for the state. We should rename the Republican state committee to the Republican Hack Committee.

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