Why so many Republicans love Trump

Sure he’s crass.  He’s rude.  He embarrasses himself on many occasions.  And likely the most prominent reason he and his wife stay together is because they are both in love with the same man.  But with the exception of maybe Ted Cruz, Trump is the only prominent national Republican  who consistently displays the courage to fire back unapologetically at Hillary Clinton.  For years the Democrats have been able to fire away at Republican candidates without fear of rebuttal.  Elizabeth Warren  played the “women” card without ever having to fear that Brown would articulate a strong and thoughtful rebuttal.  A few years later, Obama was able to define Romney as the rich white guy.  He could define Romney any way he liked, knowing that Romney and his team were simply “afraid”.  Our candidates are timid, fearful, and indecisive.  And voters – especially Republican and Independents – are uninspired by the lack of passion.

So when Hillary Clinton goes to the Democrat playbook and calls Trump “sexist” she expects the same results.  Cowering.  Cringing.  Apologizing.  But not The Donald.  He says what anybody with courage and conviction would say.  He boldly reminds the public  – and I paraphrase – that she is married to one of the biggest predators on the face of the earth, and is in no position to talk.  His comments effective shut Hillary’s vile mouth.  (Her camp has had no comment since trump’s rebuttal.)

The Republican establishment tries to convince the media that they are baffled by Trump’s success.  Not true.  They just don’t want to admit that their “play nice in the sand” approach has been a dismal failure.  Dole, McCain, and Romney are living proof.  Before any others get added to the list, the Republican establish needs to cut their losses, and remember that people follow courage and conviction.  Nice guys really do finish last.

About Steve Aylward

Steve Aylward is one of the principal owners of Red Mass Group. He is the Republican State Committeeman for Second Suffolk & Middlesex, comprised of Belmont, Watertown, Brighton and Back Bay. In 2014 he was Co-Chairman of the Question 1 – the Ballot Initiative which successfully repealed automatic gas tax hikes.


    I think we can all agree Trump is very smart (most of us like smart presidents). He knew where there was a large pool of disaffected, uninvolved voters who had been turned off by mild, milk toast candidates especially ones that said one thing to get elected and did the opposite when elected. He said/is saying things he knew they would like to hear. The huge question is what he would do if elected. He’s been a liberal all his life. Other than wanting to be president there is nothing to explain his sudden conversion elitist and self-serving positions to populist ones

    • He read Ann Coulter’s book. It opened his eyes on immigration. I don’t understand where some people are coming from where they can’t fathom a person changing their views especially on a topic that person may not have given much thought to previously. If a person moves to a more conservative position we are going to criticize them? His critics on this are just moderates butt hurt that he’s leading and advancing issues rather than equivocating and finding middle ground.

      If elected Trump will build a wall. If Mexico pays for it then that’s gravy, if not oh well. He’ll also enforce our immigration laws and tighten them up.

      You don’t even know what you are saying with this “liberal all his life” stuff. You are just repeating establishment talking points. He’s being self-serving? There are boycotts against his business. He gets a huge amount of bad press.

      If you want to vote for a “true conservative” like Jeb then no one is stopping you. What really irks the establishment is that Trump really did create the battle of ideas that gets talked about. Look at how many millions more Americans have been tuning into the GOP debates. Every different perspective on Republican issues has been given an enormous hearing at these debates. Trump is winning the battle of ideas.

  • I like this post, and it reflects one of the reasons why I like him.

    He’s not afraid to hit back.

    He hits back when the media isn’t “fair.”

    He hits back when Hillary calls him a sexist.

    He hits back when people tell him he’s offensive.

    It’s refreshing.

  • right wing

    trump can not win his home state of new York.

    the only republican candidates that can win their home states are

    the rest of the candidates need to go back to their states and
    ask their neighbors why they voted for barry.

    p.s. polk is the only president to win the presidential election and lose his home state north Carolina.

  • Republican Leaning

    I will be voting for Trump. The Chamber of Commerce Republicans have fooled no one.

    “Act of Love” JEB favors open borders and amnesty….. at least he’s honest about it.

    Rubio, the pipsqueak, is every bit the chronic and habitual liar that Hillary is….. he absolutely makes my skin crawl.

    Cruz the “give me that old time religion candidate” will fizzle outside of Iowa. If I wanted religious fundamentalists to run the Government, I could always move to Iran and live under Sharia Law.

    I think Trump is going to kick butt and take names in both the primary and the General election, in spite of the dishonest and underhanded efforts of the establishment republicans to undermine him.