What Day is Election Day in Massachusetts? If It’s a Primary, the Answer is Thursday.

Readers of RedMassGroup.com will recall my article from January 4th detailing the incumbency protection racket that is the late state primary here in Massachusetts.  There, I pointed out that the MA Primary, to be held on September 8th, was the 50th of 55 Primaries held in the United States, it’s Territories, and the District of Columbia.


But I may have buried the lead, as any astute calendar reader can see, September 8th, 2016 is a Thursday!  This further increases the obscurity of the Massachusetts primary, as reasonable voters would assume that the state primary would take place on a Tuesday, as it has for decades.


This is yet another way that the Democrat Party seeks to drive down turnout in an already low-turnout election to better protect compliant incumbent members of the legislature from challenges from within the Party, while making the general election window a short 61 days in which Republican challengers can get their message out to the voters.  Only in Massachusetts!

About Paul R. Ferro

Paul R. Ferro is Senior Editor at RedMassGroup.com. The 9th registered user of RedMassGroup.com, Paul has been with RMG from it’s inception. He’s also a former 4-term Marlborough City Councilor and currently serves as Chairman of the Marlborough Republican City Committee. You can follow him on twitter @PaulFerro

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