Ugly Chapter with no consequences

Can you remember the Patriots’ player who after a fabulous game showed up late for practice?  I cannot.  You probably cannot either.  Why?  Because our coach had the guts to do what was best for the team and cut him.

Why do I mention this?  Almost one year ago the GOP had a disastrous state convention.  There was hanky panky with the numbers trying to keep Charlie Baker’s opponent off the ticket.  (There would not have had to be any fixing of the numbers if the darn thing did not drag on and on.  People left!)   This fixing of the ballots cost the Party $200,000!  That’s money taken away from our candidates, our messaging, our registering more voters, our building grassroots, etc.

Where is the accountability?  Why wasn’t senior level management held accountable for attempted fixing of the convention?  It damaged our party’s integrity and hurt our candidates.  Was the executive director fired?  No, he now works for the Baker administration.  Did we get a new Chairperson?  No, she got a $90,000 pay check.

(I am sure all the administration hacks will try to spin this, but at the end of the day this screw up cost our party $200,000.  There is no good justification if you are true Republican loyalist.)

Please keep this in mind when voting on March 1st.  We need a new state committee that will restore integrity and not hurt our candidates.

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  • right wing

    I attended the convention and was ok with keeping mark fisher off the ballot.

    before declaring that he was running for governor he had contributed 0 $
    and helped no one.

    since he lost the primary he had run for mara president and lost that election
    to daxland.
    I will be voting march 1st and thank you for the advice.

    • RBaker

      This is a question of integrity. Are we the party of honesty or are we just as crooked as the Democrats? Everyone who meets the requirements should be allowed access to the ballot. I was at the convention and appalled by the corruption in the back room. This is not the party that I want to be part of, and will do my best to make the MAGOP leadership accountable.

    • rockinrandall

      Now the Baker / Polito team is pulling people out of the woodwork that have never done anything at the grassroots level and running them for State Committee so the they can have a plethora of “Yes” Men and Women on the state committee.

      They are raising money for their ticket and making endorsements against the people that helped them get elected so that Charlie does not have to be a leader on any tough issues. If Charlie wants to ignore Illegal Immigration, Gun Rights, or Massive Fraud in the safety net, he doesn’t want a State Committee that says other wise…

      They are being DIVISIVE

      Baker is a great manger, but he is NOT a leader.

      Deval was a lousy manger but a good leader, his problem was that he lead us toward his “regressive” issues that hurt everyone…

      Good luck with that Baker ticket on SC.

      My prediction is that it’ll be ugly chapter #2 for the MA GOP and this time you won’t be able to distance yourself from it. Your DNA and Karyn’s DNS will be all over it.

    • TermLimits

      Just curious right wing, what DO you stand for? GO!

      • right wing

        beating democrats.

  • Politicalmadman

    Accountability is lost on the Mass GOP. It goes back a long way but let’s not forget the 2012 caucus fiasco as well. Talk about back door corruption. Was there anyone held accountable for that ?

    How about when Romney stabbed Jim Rappaport in the back ? Another disgusting chapter in the diary of the MassGOP. Mr. Rappaport bailed out their ass from financial disaster only to be rewarded with a knife in his back. Why would anyone want to be involved with these people any more ? You have to get rid of the puppet master.