Trying to figure out Ted Cruz’s “New York values” dog whistle

It’s a dumb tactic to score The Donald with embodying  some nefarious “New York values,” but Ted Cruz intentionally sent a high pitch signal to flyover country. Iowa are you listening? Maybe not.

These kinds of comments invite all kinds of foolishness that stray from the substantive issues at hand. In turn, should we begin excoriating “Texas” values now, whatever those may be or how they may be related to “machine gun bacon?” No, that’s because it’s silly cultural politics and that kind of politics sets back the GOP time and time again. (Anyone remember Pat Buchanan’s 1992 Presidential campaign?)

Ted Cruz is better than this and his supporters know it and probably regret it. The Donald got the better of the exchange.


Cruz is grating!

On 9/11 we were all New Yorkers. The city that never sleeps all the great American values — creativity, freedom and enterprise as Elizabeth Nolan Brown points out demonstratively.

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