Red Mass Group – Same Republican Discussion, New Ownership


I am pleased to announce that late last year, ownership of RMG was transferred from longtime Editor Rob Eno to an ownership group led by me, Republican State Committeeman Steve Aylward. I want to thank Rob for his many years of hard work helping to keep Massachusetts Republican politics in the forefront.  As the new Editor, I hope to continue that tradition.

The reasons I purchased the blog are many, but most important is my strong opinion that grassroots conservative Republicans need a voice to express their ideas and their concern in a media where it can be viewed by the public, news agencies and politicians alike.  Without RMG, the most convenient and pervasive medium for conservative Republican comment and opinion would be lost forever.  And in a world where absurd liberal notions ranging from never-ending minimum wage increases to transgender bathrooms to legalized marijuana seem to be forever in the news, RMG becomes more important than ever.  Without RMG we as common sense conservative Republicans lose our voice, perhaps our only voice.

But a blog is only as good as it’s readers, it’s authors, and it’s contributors.  We have lined up a series of bloggers who will do their best to post worthwhile content on a consistent basis.  But we need you – the loyal readers –   to make it a point to look at RMG every day.  Equally as important, we need you to comment, and to express your views.  There is no easier way to give a story legs than a strong display of interest from We the People. 

So please join me—RMG is YOUR blog for discussing the biggest issues facing our political party, and engaging in grassroots organizing for a more conservative Massachusetts. If you’d like to be a formal, regular contributor, please email me at Thank you.  





About Steve Aylward

Steve Aylward is one of the principal owners of Red Mass Group. He is the Republican State Committeeman for Second Suffolk & Middlesex, comprised of Belmont, Watertown, Brighton and Back Bay. In 2014 he was Co-Chairman of the Question 1 - the Ballot Initiative which successfully repealed automatic gas tax hikes.