Record Gun Sales Finally Give Obama Something To Cry About

Here are some real tragedies:


I’ll start by quoting Tom Hanks from A League Of Their Own: “There’s no crying in baseball.”

Well, there’s no crying in politics either. Unless the speaker is melting before Congress.


But if you are going to cry, do it over something substantial like the hard-luck stories of longshoremen. Here’s just a few things Obama should have been crying about over the past seven years if he had any sense of decency.

Did the President Cry When?:

Two US Border Patrol agents got killed because of the gun-running scheme to Mexican drug cartels codenamed “Fast and Furious.” Well, No. Where was his love for gun control then?

How about his Secretary of State lying to the families of the victims of the Benghazi terror attack – while telling foreign heads of state the real story? Nope, not a drop of waterworks.

During the much-maligned 2013 “Shutdown”, when his administration was deliberately shuttering out 80 and 90 year old WWII vets from their own open-air memorial? Of course not.

When he spent a trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000 folks) on “Stimulus” for “Shovel Ready Jobs” only to later admit, a year later, that construction projects don’t work that way. It was a laugh line.

The ruthless political persecution of patriotic American citizens by the IRS solely because they might oppose his agenda? No, no, he laughed at that too.

Replacing a flawed but otherwise excellent healthcare system with the most expensive plastic card on earth – which actually now FINES you if you are too poor to afford insurance? If you like your tears, you can keep your tears.

Speaking of Obamacare, this guy is suing Little Sisters of the Poor while writing waivers for the UAW.

Alas, what makes Obama teary-eyed is the thought that somewhere an American citizen is keeping and bearing arms, and in seven long years he’s been unable to do anything about it except cause record gun sales.

All he’s done now is make you have to be a FFL holder to sell your gun to your friend. Bravo, Chief.

A Weeping Nation Salutes You – And counts down the last 54 weeks.

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Brian Kennedy is a conservative activist and Taunton resident with 6 years of extensive volunteer experience on political campaigns, with a focus on drafting and enhancing new talent to build the Republican Party's bench. He is also National Director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, a full-platform conservative organization nationally chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.