Reason 101 Why MA GOP Fails to Make Gains

Once again we have won the Corner Office!

Our Republican Governor will clean up the various messes left behind by a Democrat Governor, who could not manage a one car funeral. But will that help the GOP rebuild?



While the GOP Governor repairs the Commonwealth, it is not enough. The long term fix must be to bring balance of power within state government. We need more than 5 Republican Senators and 32 Republican Representatives.
Unfortunately, our Republican Party once again is failing to capitalize on winning the Corner Office.
For the past year we have seen the State Party refuse to attack any Democrats at the state level. Their focus has been primarily directed at federal Democrats so Baker can play nice with legislative Democrats.
Is that a good strategy?

I don’t think Rep. Don Wong or Steve Howitt would think so. They both have opponents in 2016.
The Democrats are actively recruiting and targeting GOP incumbents with tough opponents. Our state party is only focused on open seats. If we don’t put Democrats on defense in 2016, the GOP will lose seats. We cannot gain seats by playing defense.

Yes, Baker needs a working relationship with some Democrats on Beacon Hill, but that doesn’t mean the State Party needs to footsie as well.
If it is ok for Democrats to recruit candidates against our incumbents, then it is time to take the gloves off and recruit candidates against their incumbents.

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