Idea for liberals: Divest from Smith & Wesson of Springfield

With the imperious President speaking on his new work-around the U.S. Constitution on gun rights, there’s a local beneficiary of all those well-outworn cliches about gun violence: Springfield’s Smith & Wesson. The Massachusetts company saw its stock value increase by 525% in the past five years — which coincide totally with the Obama’s reign of misrule.

The one-we’ve-been-waiting-for is the gun industry’s best pitchman.

As the company is thriving here’s an idea for liberals: divest public investments from Smith & Wesson. Wouldn’t that be something?  Along with proposals to divest from fossil fuels and doing business with Israel and other moonbat boycotting ideas, a Smith & Wesson divestiture would have a nice local angle.

There’s also the joy of seeing Massachusetts liberal squirm. Maybe John Rosenthal can lead the effort with a nice billboard. Or maybe the grossly unqualified treasurer and receiver general can chime in with all that public pension power at her disposal.

It would make for great political theater seeing the state’s portfolio slim down. But such conviction  would require casting aside the provincial concerns about job preservation  and the City of Springfield’s tax base. Biting the bulllet would take an awfully uncomfortable hairshirt for the sanctimonious Occupy Wall Street or #BlackLivesMatter type.

Whomever said, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it” certainly was thinking of those happy few who could take on the root of all the gun violence that leads to Smith & Wesson.

But don’t expect the liberals to jump at this one, as tempting as it might be. Those Smith & Wesson jobs are “jobs at good wages” as they say in Springfield.  A recent count puts the figure at 1,200.

Liberals won’t go this extra mile because they are  good at picking on another state’s industry for the purposes of indignation.

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