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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


House 3933 – A Legislative Amendment to the Constitution



What part of 1962, 1968, 1972, 1976 and 1994 do the tax-borrow-and-spenders not understand?  Those were the years that the graduated income tax was on the Massachusetts ballot and also the years the grad tax was defeated, the last by a better than 2-1 margin. Yet by moving to put this fiscal atrocity (H.3933) on the ballot once again, they somehow expect Bay State taxpayers to finally be duped or ground down into voting yes. Of course the charge will once again be led by the usual suspects:  the public sector unions, liberal church groups, welfare service providers and beneficiaries, et al.


Most appalling is the climate into which they are introducing the tax increase. The new governor and legislative leadership are working in sync to reform and fix the way the state is being operated – without increased taxes.  Indeed Governor Baker has vowed not to hike taxes and Speaker DeLeo has promised no new taxes in 2016. This is part of a tax trend nationally as several states have vowed to not only hold the line, but actually cut taxes.  One aberration was fatal to Connecticut, which just lost GE to Boston. According to a recent Globe article citing this move, “If there was a last straw, this was it: Connecticut lawmakers in June proposed to raise taxes by $1.9 billion…”


Plus, what do you suppose these millionaires targeted for this huge tax increase will do?  Advanced technology more than ever will enable them to kiss Massachusetts good-by in a heartbeat.  More frightening, once they fleece the remaining millionaires, the tax and spenders will inevitably come after taxpayers in lower income groups where the real money is – at a higher graduated rate of course.


Exposed also will be the outright lie by proponents that the increased revenue  from the 4% additional tax will go to public education, public colleges and repair and maintenance of roads, bridges et al.  Not one penny will necessarily go to these areas.


Article 48 of the Massachusetts Constitution prohibits certain subjects from appearing on the ballot.  An appropriation of money is one of them.  Any additional revenue must and will go into the giant maw known as the general fund.


For the sake of the economy and the taxpayers of Massachusetts, vote NO on H. 3933


Every tax is a pay cut … … A tax cut is a pay raise

About Steve Aylward

Steve Aylward is one of the principal owners of Red Mass Group. He is the Republican State Committeeman for Second Suffolk & Middlesex, comprised of Belmont, Watertown, Brighton and Back Bay. In 2014 he was Co-Chairman of the Question 1 - the Ballot Initiative which successfully repealed automatic gas tax hikes.