Charlie Baker; Fundraising Juggernaut

The Boston Globe’s (it’s a newspaper that used to be delivered to people’s houses) Frank Philips has an interesting story on Governor Charlie “Mr. Fix-it” Baker’s massive fundraising haul during his first full year as Governor.


Governor Charlie Baker has smashed fundraising records for a first-year governor, hauling in $2.79 million for his campaign committee since his inauguration a year ago.

His committee’s filing this week with Office of Campaign and Political Finance show it has a balance of $2.39 million after the aggressive fundraising in 2015 by Baker and the GOP state committee he controls.
His reports all year show that Baker has used the full leverage of his office to hit up contributors who depend on state government contracts, have interests in legislation on Beacon Hill, or are heavily regulated by state agencies controlled the Baker administration.

His total take easily outpaced his former boss, Governor Paul Cellucci, who broke all records in 1999, his first full year in office, when he raised about $1.75 million. That record held until Baker came to office. Deval Patrick raised only $1.23 million in his first year as governor 2007.

Baker’s incredibly impressive haul sends a clear message to the state’s Democrat Establishment.  Charlie’s 2014 victory wasn’t a fluke, and he will remain a political force to be reckoned with over the next 3-12 years.    Mexico and Canada can have someone else as their Ambassador.  Charlie Baker wants to be the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts now and into the future.


Perhaps with his newly flexed political muscle he’ll follow some of the advice of leaders of his own Republican Party, and spread his wings more on conservative public policy positions.  He has the beginnings of the political backing he’ll need to make such flights possible.   Only time will tell.

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  • Robert Grove

    I believe the Governor is doing well considering the “lay of the land” that he and other Republican Governors are required to navigate because of the veto proof super majority of the Democrats. That one dynamic, the super majority, dictates a lot of the actions required for a GOP Governor to be successful. It’s easy for Patrick or any Dem governor to use the bully pulpit because of the support behind them. It’s obviously a different challenge for Baker and he has handled it masterfully. I understand the frustrations some people have about not moving fast enough or pushing as hard as they would like. However people need to remain realistic in their expectations and take in to consideration the political realities if we hope to have Baker re-elected. Rather than pushing on Baker, what we need is a thoughtful and realistic plan to break the super majority in the legislature. If we can do that, the entire game changes, especially for a Republican Governor.