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  • Perhaps the very worst thing about Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy is that it’s keeping us all—Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike—from examining just what a god-awful and terrible president Hillary Clinton will be. Less than a year out from the 2016 election, that’s the horror we all need to be confronting.

    The idea that media would be doing this job if not for Trump is ridiculous. The idea that Trump won’t be attacking Hillary if he wins the primary is also wrong. Why isn’t Bernie attacking her on these things right now? Because he doesn’t really want to win. Bernie is who Hillary should be thankful for. He could have set the tone during the first debate but instead decided to be conciliatory.

    • karlmarx

      I agree that Bernie needs to be scrutinized a lot more. That whole “People are sick about hearing about your emails” quip showed he is there to help Hillary. The Great Witch looks “reasonable” compared to the dippy socialist.