MassGOP NCW Chanel Prunier: “Baker Needs to be More Like Deval”

Massachusetts National Committee Woman Chanel Prunier writes an intriguing editorial for the New Boston Post  arguing that the wildly popular Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker needs to leverage his sky-high popularity to push seemingly unpopular public policy positions.

Prunier writes in part:

I’m a Republican who agrees far more with Baker’s philosophy than Patrick’s. So why do I find myself wishing that Charlie would lead more like Deval?

Deval Patrick often appeared to care little about the workings of state government, or his relationships with legislative leaders. In that regard, Patrick was a poor manager, and a less effective political figure. But no one on either side of the political aisle would seriously argue that Patrick was not a strong leader.

To the contrary, Patrick knew how to move the people of Massachusetts. Again and again, he took to the bully pulpit and with eloquent speeches and masterful use of the press he urged policies too liberal for the Massachusetts mainstream. He hammered away, often without opposition from Republicans, in favor of very liberal policies. He argued for massive, unpopular taxes to finance a wasteful transportation system, and for previously-defeated ideas such as in-state tuition for illegal aliens. He used his personal popularity to encourage people to go along with ideas they initially opposed. They did not start off in his corner, but he led them to where he wanted them to be.

Governor Baker, by contrast, is the ultimate business executive. He has been in office for a year, and has yet to use his enormous popularity to advocate for or against a policy where the people of Massachusetts aren’t already in agreement.

The entire article is well worth a read.



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  • Ronald Beaty

    ….readers must interpret the article for themselves

    RON BEATY, Conservative Candidate for Massachusetts Republican State Committee – Cape & Islands District
    Vote on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

  • The problem is that Charlie Baker doesn’t want to propose changes too conservative for the people of Massachusetts. He doesn’t want to propose anything unpopular.

  • Charlie is doing the right thing for THIS particular time. Fiscal reform is the first step to getting the voters on our side. Reform means lower taxes, and you don’t have to talk about cutting taxes. Reform means a more efficient delivery of essential services, and you don’t have to talk about cutting programs. Reform means good fiscal stewardship, and you don’t have to talk about cutting positions. Even if the end goal is to do all three, you don’t have to explicitly say it, which means there’s nothing to argue against.

    Years One & Two are not the time to be trying to move the political center rightwards in this state. They are the time to show what real governing can accomplish. Only then will the voters be open to a stronger Reform effort going after the sacred cows of the Left in MA.

  • Robert Grove

    Ms. Prunier is being either politically naive or completely disingenuous with her suggestion of Baker using the bully pulpit. Patrick could do so because of the veto proof super majority behind him. Without this sort of support, Baker must navigate the political landscape differently. And he has done so very well. People grew very tired of the heavy handed dictatorial Patrick style. Advocating for more of the same from Baker, especially lacking any powerful back-up, is tone deaf to the voters mood. Baker brings a welcome relief from the Patrick approach. Even the Boston Globe is applauding Baker’s calm, sensible approach that has made him the most popular Governor in the nation and effective in his job. Rather than criticism, what Baker needs to move forward is more help in the House and Senate. Ms. Prunier is an intelligent and politically astute woman who knows all this.