Another Howie Carr myth goes bust: Globe going out of biz

Regulars of the Talk Show Party King Howie Carr are used to hearing hot-air forecasts. Big ones that seem to matter to  him. For years, Howie has been pushing the meme that the Globe will be “going out of business.” Exact date unknown.

To be sure, the Globe has suffered financially over the years in part to tone-deaf moves and stodgy positions (Liberalism uber alles; it gets boring after a while). In the 1990s, the paper and affiliated assets were sold to the New York Times for $1 billion; that’s a “b” as in billion. But disruptive technology i.e. the Internet does not suffer dead tree tech gladly. A few years ago financial wiz and Red Sox owner John Henry paid around $70 million — a remarkable markdown!   (Thank goodness the folks who run the NYT, do not run the U.S economy! Actually the Times thinks they know better about bottom lines).

Here’s the latest: The Globe, for better and mostly worse (the editorial page is literally layout-ugly), is  here to stay. Not only that it’s moving downtown. It is a marquee move that will outrage the suburban Globe workforce that will have to use the T to get to work. Yes the p.r. department at J. Henry Enterprises will certainly find a way to puff up the move to downtown once the Spotlight glitter wears off and the pending layoff talks resume. Along with the stiffs at the Globe we’ll miss the nice ring of “Morrissey Blvd Madness.”

Exchange Place just doesn’t cut it. In any respect, the joint will still be staffed with blow-ins who think our Forest Hills is in New York.

Nobody’s perfect, we know.  But Howie recurring theme is getting the best of him. As of late the Howie Empire (“Would you like a Whitey magnet”) and his bloviating Trump tag-team (see visiting sidekick Ann Coulter) represent the demise of the opposition in MA. They are feeding the followers pablum.

As the barking fish in a small pond, Howie doesn’t realize the damage he’s doing to growth potential of the Center-Right  movement in Massachusetts. But hey his Tea Party-inspired listeners are all about instantaneous vilification. (Watch out, the Governor’s RINO!). Who would have known we’ve reached peak Howie before we’ve reached peak oil?

Here’s an immodest prediction:  It will be Howie who cuts out of the passing scene before the Globe. This will be a sad occasion because he does have great writing talent, if not good political or financial judgment.

Not so honest Howie will be counting cash in Florida while his shrinking and elderly audience will have to turn elsewhere for the hair replacements, penis pills and liposuction advertisements.

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