Who’s on the bench?

Congrats to Sen. Robert Hedlund on his very impressive victory in the race for mayor of Weymouth. Now what?

Who’s on the bench? Does the GOP have enough resources to support Hedlund’s aide Patrick O’Connor? Is he viable? What other candidates might emerge.

With  yesterday’s disappointing loss by Geoff Diehl,  the stakes are even higher.  Moreover the GOP must hold Hedlund’s seat in light of the new players on the block.  The Dems would love to retake Hedlund’s senate seat.


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    jeff Diehl had no chance in his special election.
    Brockton the Shangri la of the south shore is a shit hole.can’t understand why
    republicans think such a place would consider voting for a republican.

    to be honest I don’t even know why anyone would even hang their hat in that city.

    as for the state senate seat that will be vacated by hedlund
    the republicans would be smart to talk peter buckley into giving it a shot.
    otherwise cantwell from Marshfield will probably win the primary and general election.

  • Good stuff from Masster List this morning.

    Cooperation and nonpartisanship is working quite well for Baker as he builds coalitions to try to fix a lot of broken stuff and get some new programs started. But his I’m OK, you’re OK approach also elevates the Democratic leadership, who become problem-solvers and team players under the governor’s tent rather than party ideologues.