MassGOP Civil War: The Establishment Strikes Back

The moderates are coming! The moderates are coming!!! The Globe reports:

Governor Charlie Baker, seeking to draw the Massachusetts Republican Party closer to the ideological center as a presidential election approaches, has started backing candidates for the state GOP committee, imperiling conservative activists who have come to dominate the body.

The maneuvers once again pit Baker, a socially moderate Republican who supported abortion rights and same-sex marriage during last year’s campaign, against his party’s restive right flank.

We have known for some time that there were favors he needed to pay back. Charlie will now seek to refashion the state committee in his own image and those who worked so hard on his behalf.

The full plans are on display for anyone that wants to read them.

The pending transgender public accommodations bill offers a prime example of why Baker’s move to whip the state GOP into shape matters to every voter. Baker has had to avoid leadership on a bill he clearly supports — and has said so, in a round about way very unlike him — but does not dare for fear of handing his party opponents a hot button issue in the contest for party control.

It is too bad that our state’s transgender residents, people always at risk of being abused by those who do not understand, will likely have to wait until the new GOP state committee takes full control sometime next March; but it is surely better for every part of reform in Massachusetts that Baker accomplish this mission.

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