Invitation to Flame!  “GOP Fearmongers: Not One Terrorist Act by Refugees in U.S.”

I suppose it only takes one or two refugees with a fondness for ISIS to ruin it for the many who deserve humanitarian considerations. When it comes to math the GOP becomes the stupid party.  (Yes we know about the evil party’s aims). Earlier waves of refugees (the Vietnamese and the Cubans) have mostly assimilated well (the GOP- favored Cubans brought some crime to South Florida but why complicate things). So today why not let the Syrians? Why not GOP?

Syrian refugees and Republican candidates and governors

Source: Hey, GOP Fearmongers: Not One Terrorist Act by Refugees in U.S. – Hit & Run :

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  • Ann Coulter’s book has a chapter on the subject of refugees. They are not vetted in any serious sense.

    Reason was made to look like fools in the comment section.

    • karlmarx

      Are you going to turn away thousands of people based on the actions of a few?

      • Yes. We have no real obligation to them as we do our own citizens.