In Katherine Clark territory, Prop 2 1/2 override fails

What can we say? Even liberals have their limits. Melrose Mayor Rob Dolan (a key Congresswoman Clark ally) failed in his attempt to get voters to approve a tax increase. It wasn’t pretty.

Mayor Rob Dolan’s proposed Proposition 2 1/2 property tax override failed by a convincing margin in Tuesday’s citywide election, with 61.1 percent voting ‘No’ and 36.7 percent voting ‘Yes,’ according to unofficial tallies released shortly after polls closed.

The ballot question received more ‘No’ than ‘Yes’ votes at all 14 precincts in Melrose.

Dolan’s override proposal called for a tax levy limit increase of $2.25 million, on top of the standard 2.5 percent increase. Funds from the override in Fiscal Year 2016 would have gone toward additional school positions and two new police officers.

Total voter turnout was 44 percent for the election, which also included Board of Aldermen and School Committee races. Turnout was significantly higher than in typical citywide election years, presumably because of the override.

Pay attention to the last line of the third paragraph. The revenue from the override would have gone to hire an undisclosed number of school positions and two new police officers. That $2.25 million doesn’t cover that much does it?

Entire coverage from the Melrose Free Press here.


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