I just got polled.

I thought the person on the phone said he was from FL Strategies. Nothing came up on Google for that. There is an ML Strategies. It doesn’t appear they do polling. Maybe they do now?

The questions were geared toward judging whether a Romney entry into the race would make sense. One question had some phrasing of “Would Mitt Romney’s entry into the race save the Republican Party?” Another question explicitly asked if I would join a “Draft Mitt” campaign.

Update: It’s not just me!

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  • So what did you answer?? Yes, we need Romney?

    • Patrick

      I was against it. But not viscerally against it. There were a few questions designed to gauge favorability or unavailability of Mitt. One question was something like, “Do agree or disagree that Mitt Romney is the worst human being ever?” I think he’s a nice guy. He had his chance. He also had a chance to jump into this race. He declined.

      The idea seems to be that Mitt should jump in to save us all from Trump. We don’t need saving from Trump. He’ll make America great again.