Dick Morris to Chris Christie: Drop Out Already!

Unlike Dick Morris, who has an animus toward the NJ governor, I think that Chris Christie could probably be President some day and might do a decent job.  But the time is not now as the polls indicate Christie cannot dig in for any kind of traction.

Morris mistakenly believes that Christie, by embracing Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, cost Romney the election. That’s a rather thin story line; there was enough blame to go around including some that belonged to the candidate himself.

But what else would we expect from Dick Morris who was made a fool on Election Day 2012 by Obama and the millions who stayed home unimpressed with the veteran operative’s forecast. It may be time to heavily discount Morris’s clairvoyance.

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  • I think you meant to link to this:

    I don’t see how Christie is in any worse of a spot than Rand or Jeb. Rand blew his lead as the anti-establishment candidate and Jeb blew $20 million or so with little to show for it. If Christie is in a such a state that Dick thinks he should drop out then so should Rand and Jeb.

    Image is everything. If Christie were serious he should have lost weight. A lot of it. America will not ever again elect an obese president. Huckabee knew this.