Trump Dominating in MA

When the local media has covered Trump’s support here in the past I’ve had to grit my teeth. First there was this plainly wrong article from August. Republican support just couldn’t be found. Those Republicans who at least admitted to recognizing the name Trump had nothing nice to say. A prominent Rand Paul supporter dismissively referred to Trump as a “flash in the pan.” Recall the Boston Phoenix saying Red Mass Group would “peter out.” Who’s a “flash in the pan” now, eh? The most recent article on Trump’s local support kept to more or less the same theme: Narrow support for Trump.

Just how narrow is Trump’s support in Massachusetts? According to a recent poll conducted by Emerson College, Trump leads by 34 points.

Nearly half of the likely GOP presidential primary voters in Massachusetts want Trump as their presidential nominee in 2016, a new poll says.

Trump leads his closest competition in the Bay State by 34 points, according to the latest Emerson College Polling Society survey.

The poll, released on Wednesday, found that 47.8 percent support Trump becoming the Republican presidential nominee next year.

This roughly squares with my feel for things: overheard conversations, Facebook, Twitter, family, and friends. Share your feeling below.

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