The solipsism of the buffoon; Trump at the center of his world 

Ben Carson has pulled ahead in Iowa. This is jarring ever so slightly the imperial Trump.

Mr. Trump, who has made his standing in polls the centerpiece of his campaign, spent the weekend questioning the methodology of Iowa polls that show him trailing Mr. Carson.

Mr. Carson, Mr. Trump said on ABC’s “This Week” program Sunday, “got a lot of P.R. by going a little bit ahead of me in Iowa. But we’ll see what happens because I find it hard to believe. I was in Iowa three days ago; we had such an unbelievable turnout that I find it really difficult to believe that I’m in second place. But we’ll find out.”

Conceit and Trump always leave the room together.  What else does Trump find hard to believe?

Source: Ben Carson Leads Donald Trump by Double Digits in Iowa, Polls Show

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