The point of sanctuary cities is to grow the Democratic base

Jeff Semon’s wise commentary is pretty much on the mark. We enforce laws a la carte. And Somerville Mayor J. Curtatone is unabashed abuser of what has become local fiat. Worries about crime and poverty are misplaced say supporters but they have other aims.

Mayor Curtatone’s self-serving rhetoric may bring him adulation from the left wing of the Democratic party, but refusing to notify ICE when those who are here illegally are arrested for crimes is a profoundly unsafe practice. And make no mistake, this is practice, not law. The sanctuary city policy might be authorized by local officials–but by doing so, these officials are in clear violation of federal law.

What will be the consequences for Mr. Mayor? Nothing. In a political environment where the rulers exploit the ability of some to live at the expense of others law abiding citizens have no recourse, no appeal to justice. That’s the cost of building Team Blue’s base. It costs them nothing.

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