State Committee adopts Minority Report; Keeps the Caucus System for 2016 delegate selection

Posting Picture of Minority Report for Delegate Selection 20150916

On Wednesday, 16 September 2015 the Republican State Committee voted 37 to 35 to keep the caucus system for choosing delegates to the 2016 Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The hotly contested caucus plan, offered as a Minority Report from the Convention Rules Subcommittee, competed with the Majority Report that gave the authority to choose the delegates to the candidates.

National Committeewoman, Chanel Prunier, State Committeemen Steve Aylward, Tony Ventresca, and I lead the effort for the Minority Report and the caucus system. With the view that the caucus system energizes and encourages Republicans to get involved in election activities, we fought hard to win adoption of the Minority Report.

State Committee members vigorously debated the two plans which shows that democracy is alive and well. That was a main reason why I fought for the Minority Report and the caucus system. To allow the candidates to choose the delegates is the antithesis of the democratic process.

Equally important is getting the grassroots activists involved. The caucus system is a powerful way to get disenfranchised Republicans and unenrolled voters involved in Republican activities. An email sent to Committee members by Evan Kenney, called The Farm Team, the night before the meeting speaks directly to this point, as does Rep. Leah Cole, Brad Wyatt, Carol Claros, Phil Dolan and so many others who have become active in the Republican Party all because they attended a caucus to become a delegate.

Many spoke in favor of maintaining caucuses mentioning everything from John Adams being chosen to the 2nd Continental Congress through a caucus to the failure of the legislature back in 2001 to allow the people to vote on the definition of marriage to emphasize the importance of letting people vote.

I was honored to and will always proudly fight for democracy and for grassroots involvement!

Since the original posting, the Roll Call votes have become available and can be found here.