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  • Steve’s a great great guy. Good choice of new owner.

  • karlmarx

    New site looks nice. Some diaries didn’t make it through the transition. Tried to log into the new site WP at RedMassGroup. Won’t accept my username and password.

    • John Howard

      My recent Leah Cole diary didn’t make it, but lots of my old diaries seem to be there in the archives, which is good. But I think some are missing, certainly that one is, even as yours expressing shock that she was stepping down was reposted as a “legacy post.” But there are still escort spam diaries in the archives, so it doesn’t seem to have been carefully pruned. Good thing I posted about Cole here.

    • I’d like to do a test. Can you post the same things you post on RMG over here? Do it a few times so we can compare hits and comments.