Rep. Mike Brady’s Campaign Finance Raises Red Flags; Questions

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Mike Brady’s Campaign Finance Raises Red Flags; Questions

Brady’s OCPF filings show reliance on special interest donations and over $12,000 of unitemized contributions.

BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS – An analysis of Rep. Mike Brady’s (D – Brockton) campaign finance filings reveals a surprising reliance on both special interest money and unitemized donations. As Brady campaigns to replace the late Senator Thomas Kennedy, voters should ask him how he’ll stand for taxpayers when his campaign is so dependent on union bosses, lobbyists, and other special interests.

In 2015, Brady has raised $40,300 in itemized contributions. Of that total, almost half ($18,700) comes from special interest groups and insiders. Brady has taken money from unions, including the Carmen’s Union that is currently organizing to block Governor Baker’s MBTA reform.

He’s taken money from lobbyists, including convicted felon and former Speaker of the House Charlie Flaherty. With more almost half Brady’s itemized money coming from sources who want to influence legislation, voters should wonder how he’ll keep the common interest – rather than special interests – in mind on Beacon Hill.

Even more troubling than Brady’s dependence on special interests is his $12,460 in unitemized contributions (23% of his total). Unitemized contributions are cash donations, required by law to be less than $50, where the campaign is unable to identify the donor. Even if every unitemized donor gave the maximum $50, about 250 people would have made unidentifiable cash donations to the Brady campaign. Accepting that requires the willing suspension of disbelief, especially since neighboring Representatives Claire Cronin and Michelle Dubois collected less than 10% of their total contributions in unitemized donations.  According to OCPF Rep. Geoff Diehl has reported $0 in unitemized donations in 2015.

Reporters and voters alike should ask Brady tough questions about his unitemized donations. Rep. Brady is sitting on a pile of contributions that we have no idea who donated to it.

People deserve to know if Brady is using unitimized donations as a way to simply avoid campaign finance reporting requirements or if the campaign is being neglectful in proper and transparent reporting techniques.


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