Peter Lucas: DiMasi’s liberal pals desert him now that he needs help

He would have been treated better if he were a U.S. Army deserter, or a Gitmo terrorist, a murderer or a crack cocaine dealer.

Source: Peter Lucas: It’s a crime how DiMasi’s liberal pals deserted him – Sentinel & Enterprise

Lucas’s rundown sums up liberals. They love humanity; it’s real people they don’t care about. And then there’s the “gay community” supposedly sophisticated and all-powerful under the State House dome. Where’s its priorities? Sal DiMasi is guilty of the crime prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney but he certainly deserves compassion as he battles cancer.

For instance, the gay community spent an enormous amount of time, money and energy seeking a taxpayer-funded sex change for Massachusetts prison inmate Michelle Kosilek. All Kosilek ever did was savagely murder his wife when he was a man named Robert.

More so than conservatives, liberals (excuse me progressives) are the darling hypocrites of Massachusetts politics.  It’s always been that way.

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