Gillespie: “The DemDebate Clarified That Many Libertarian Views Have Gone Mainstream”

Clinton, Sanders, Webb, O’Malley, and Chaffee are nobody’s ideas of small-government crusaders, but they got some things right.

Source: The DemDebate Clarified That Many Libertarian Views Have Gone Mainstream – Hit & Run :

Maybe on the social issues side. Definitely not on the economics side. The libertarian moment has not arrived in any of the two major parties despite the Paul movement.

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  • John Howard

    Right, the Paul movement was a failure because they were on to you from the beginning. You can’t pretend to be a conservative Republican when you openly disdain them for not being Libertarian enough. Rand and Cruz are done in the Senate, Leah Cole is done, RedMassGroup is done. All the Koch puppets in the House are about to be done.

    • John Howard

      Is Rand supported by the Paul movement?

      • I’d estimate about half the movement stayed with Rand. The rest are spread among other candidates like Cruz and Trump.

  • I don’t like Gillespie. He’s the guy that gets referred to as “the jacket” because that’s what he’s always wearing and the impression he tries to give is that he exudes cool. Not knowing the Reason staff well enough I can’t say definitively that he is the weakest link but it would be my guess that he must be a strong contender. He doesn’t take social issues seriously. Doesn’t take immigration seriously. Libertarians can disagree substantively on things but that isn’t what he does. All one gets from him is casual dismissal. Libertarianism to him seems to really get to distilled to just pot smoking.

    • John Howard

      i was surprised by his claim that libertarians believe in open borders, universal citizenship or something. Is that just his wing? Do other libertarians like Rand Paul have same views on immigration and marriage?