Does the Republican establishment know what it’s doing?

Two headlines say it all: “Ed Meese: RNC Leaders Who Allowed CNBC to Moderate Debate Should Be Condemned” (CNS News) and “Same Old Budget Deal: ‘I splurge Now, You Save Later’” (Breitbart).

I was at the RNC meeting last May when they, meaning the leadership, decided on the rules for the debates. The leadership decided because the 168 members of the RNC never voted on the rules for the debates.

It was decided by a Debate Committee of the RNC, Chaired by New Hampshire RNC Member Steve Duprey—the same Steve Duprey that attended a New Hampshire Planned Parenthood Action fundraiser—which met behind closed doors and merely reported to the full RNC that the rules had been determined. Massachusetts National Committeeman Ron Kaufman was also on the Debate Committee.

The RNC should have fully debated these. I could understand the need for executive session meetings on rules for the debates, but the RNC should have had such a session. That comes from the leadership and the lack of an executive session shows a lack of leadership!

Splurge now, save later! No wonder Beohner is out, and there’s good reason to worry about Ryan. Where’s the 72-hour posting? Why are we once again raising the debt limit? Both of these are broken promises. And a two-year budget when the second year is likely to see a Republican President at the helm!

Ted Cruz last night emphatically showed why we don’t trust the mainstream media. These two headlines show why full-platform conservative Republicans, the base of the Republican party, distrust the Republican establishment.


About Bylaw Bill Gillmeister

Bill Gillmeister is a governance professional, school committee member, and Treasurer of End Common Core Massachsuetts.