An uplifting read: Vox says Dems are in trouble

The media wing of the Democratic Party likes to emphasize the almost eternal discord within the national GOP the old chestnut: Tea Party versus Mainstream. They write with a tin-ear ignoring the wave elections of 2010 and 2014.

But credit Vox, the explanatory if not self-important blog, with shedding some light on the problems of Democrats nationally.

The party faces big problems, particularly at the state level. In fact, the much-regarded Matt Yglesias highlights all the problems and those problems are all down ballot at the state level.

The worst part of the problem for the Democratic Party is in races that are, collectively, the most important: state government.

Elections for state legislature rarely make the national news, but they are the fundamental building blocks of American politics. Since they run the redistricting process for the US House of Representatives and for themselves, they are where the greatest level of electoral entrenchment is possible.

And in the wake of the 2014 midterms, Republicans have overwhelming dominance of America’s state legislatures.

In what Democrats should take as a further bleak sign, four of the 11 states where they control both houses of the state legislature — Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Illinois — have a Republican governor. This leaves just seven states under unified Democratic Party control.

Massachusetts Republicans have little to cheer when it comes to making the Bay State a two-party state. Its gains, if any, have been small.  But they can take some solace — and some great ideas  — from GOP leaders in other states. Massachusetts may not ever be a right-to-work state but it can continue to work on past successes: tax limitation, school choice and transparency.

Meanwhile, here’s what game-changing victory looks like.


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