Why we have CRs funding the Federal Government. A good explanation

Merrill Matthews offers some good insight on the D.C. budget mess. The CR (Continuing Resolution) is a deft, cynical tactic used by Democrats to move things along. It is time to get back to the “regular order” of the fisc.

Those CRs made it very difficult for Republicans to cut spending. If they refused to vote for a CR with Obamacare, Democrats would then claim that Republicans were hurting our soldiers in the field—who would be funded by the same CR—just because they didn’t want the poor to have health insurance. The liberal media megaphoned that claim, and Republicans would eventually cave.

If Republicans could get back to regular order, the thinking went, then refusing to fund part or all of Obamacare or President Obama’s executive amnesty program, for example, wouldn’t affect defense department funding. And it wouldn’t shut down the government.

However, the budget deadline is coming quickly and while about half of the bills have passed the House, not one of the 12 appropriations bills has made it through Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Senate, making it very likely Congress will have to go back to the dreaded CR.

Returning to regular order was a good idea, but it may take a stronger speaker and Senate majority leader to actually make it happen.

Source: The Republicans’ Failed Attempt to Return to ‘Regular Order’ > IPI Issues > Institute for Policy Innovation

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