Welfare statistics for immigrants, legal and otherwise…

From this National Review article online:

-51 percent of immigrant headed households are on at least one welfare program versus 30 percent for native born.

-3/4 of the immigrant households using welfare are headed by LEGAL immigrants.

-Half of immigrant households on welfare had at least one or more persons working.

-62 percent of immigrant households feed their kids with taxpayer monies.

-Half of immigrants that have been here for 20 years or more are still on welfare.

What do the stats say?  The majority of immigrants that come here get on welfare and stay there forever.  It is all immigrants not just the ones that make the phony claims of political or religious persecution.  Immigration must be managed better and we need to stop allowing welfare abusers from entering our country.

Practically and politically, it’s nearly impossible to keep poor immigrant families off the welfare system once they are in the country. This isn’t a moral failing; the fact that immigrant households are about 60 percent more likely to use welfare than natives doesn’t mean they’re 60 percent “worse.” Rather, they’re less educated, thus earn less money, thus qualify for a wide variety of taxpayer-funded services. There’s simply no way to allow less-educated workers into the country to fill low-wage jobs without creating enormous welfare costs for taxpayers. The only answer is to stop admitting so many poor immigrants. When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

The abuse of our welfare system by immigrants (and others) will be the defining issue of our time.  It will not be global warming!

Read the article if you have the time.  it is good…

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  • I’m reading through Ann Coulter’s book right now: Adios America. I highly recommend it.

    A chapter near the end is titled “Every Single Immigration Category Is a Fraud.” Phony claims are rampant. There seems to be no check at all on claims made by immigrants. Family relations that aren’t at all related. Work experience that doesn’t exist. Political or religious persecution that’s pure fiction. Her suggestion is to shut the whole thing down. I tend to think that’s a good idea. A moratorium while we fix the crazy house that is our immigration system.

    It’s not just a little broken. It’s not a problem that managing it better will solve. Tear it all down. Rebuild it from the ground up. Then start processing immigration requests again.