Tom Brady Explains John Connolly, Fred Wyshak, Steve Wynn, Steve Kevin Cullen, Espn & Com Magazine

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Wasn’t this a great bonding experience we all just went through? Tom Brady took us on an outward bound trip and now we are stronger, wiser, and closer.

Together we watched as:

1. NFL official tells Patriots “we gotcha now” on sidelines of AFC Championship game.  Hmmm, “we gotcha now?” Have the Patriots been a target? If so why?

2. NFL leaks false information about air pressure reduction. This false info becomes the national narrative and NFL does not correct it.

3. ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and some other powerful corporations (Sony) are business partners with the NFL in deals worth billions of dollars. This represents significant portions of the networks revenue stream.

4. The word went out. CBS and NBC opened their nightly news broadcast questioning Tom Brady’s ethics. ESPN personalities-went-on-a-shoot-first-and-never-ask-questions- rape of Tom Brady’s character. So did Felger and Mazz and others at CBS owned The Sports Hub. The list goes on and on.

5. NFL hires Ted Wells to do investigation. Wells reports back that there is not enough scientific evidence to show t the balls were deflated by means other than natural conditions. Wells does tell his client, the NFL, that Brady was “generally aware” of the scheme. Wells gave his client what they wanted, assassinate the good name of Tom Brady. However, the Wells Report did not make the case for disciplinary action.

6. Despite the Wells Report the NFL moves forward and disciplines Brady. He changes the Wells report arbitrarily states the balls were purposely deflated. Those paying attention were baffled. (By paying attention I mean read the Wells Report and has a slim understanding of fair play and the law)

7. Because we were paying attention New England sports fans saw first hand the diabolical acts that powerful organizations can perform and the incestuous relationships the media has with these powerful organizations.

8. What we saw was appalling. What was worse? The NFL’s actions or the national media and Felger and Mazz’s selective reporting and specious fallback arguments. What’s funny is Felger and Mazz were talking to an educated audience. That’s the amazing part. For the first time we were all paying attentions to the details. Their ratings will take a hit I suspect.

9. It took a person with Tom Brady’s record, charisma, intelligence, ethics, and money to fight back and have the public (New England sports fans) pay attention.

10. What we got was an education in how the world works. Happens everyday. This is what Elizabeth Warren’s been complaining about.

Here’s two examples

Let’s start with John Connolly. Three things you need to know. Three simple things:

1. The Miami Law School Innocence Project represents Connolly in his Florida case. It chooses very few clients to represent from thousands of yearly requests. Before it takes on a case it does a thorough investigation of both the case and history of the convicted criminal. They have concluded that John Connolly has been screwed over by the Justice Department since day 1.

2. John Connolly is accused of protecting Whitey from state and local investigators. The state prosecutor who spent more time than anyone chasing Whitey and his underlings only to be thwarted by John Connolly believes he is innocent.

His name is Matt Connolly. He was a retired top-level assistant district attorney. When the news broke he hated Connolly. When John Connolly was first tried in Boston Matt Connolly went to the trial. As he sat there and watched he did a 180. He became convinced that John Connolly is being framed, Assistant US Attorney Fred Wyshak and a top fed named Margolis are behind it, and the incestuous Moakley Courthouse turns a blind eyes and let it happens.

3. There are close to 100 former FBI agents, including Joe Pistone AKA Donnie Brasco (played by Johnny Depp) who believe John Connolly is being framed by the Justice Department (Wyshak/Margolis) and are vocal about it.

But, like the Brady case the Feds have bought off the media. Black Mass is full ofnumerous holes and lies. I will spell them out in future posts.

How do all those Globies sleep at night? Seriously. They are evil people. They kid themselves they are not. But when they are alone in their thoughts they must be haunted.

Here’s another example, casino gambling and the Wynn project.

First off we all know Wynn came in and bought off everyone he could. (legally I mean) Bill Weld (Crosby connection)  and Mintz Levin, the media with highly lucrative ad contracts, and anyone else who may raise a stink.

Who predicted a week after Steve Crosby was appointed chairman the Gaming Commission would end up being sued? Who was it? That’s right, it was me.

If you were paying attention to Steve Crosby and the Gaming Commission the same as following the Brady case you would say with the same confidence that the Commission isn’t on the level. Different rules for different people and result oriented rather than fair and independent. Clear as day.

So I wonder why Commonwealth Magazine people are writing stories about the casino as if they were ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reporting on deflatagate.

Then I check the masthead of MassInc, the non-profit publisher. Sure enough the chairman of the board is a partner at Mintz Levin, (on Wynn’s payroll) and the board is made of power brokers and people representing power brokers.

See, everyone is full of it.

But we all have to work.

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