Someone needs to pull the plug on this patient…

…it’s depressing to come here and see the crap, and spam.

It seems like the London escort market, and bootleg college term paper market are using RMG as a test bed for their bots.  And they are getting pretty good at it.

Bummer too, because this site really made a difference at one time.

I just wish there were a tombstone instead of a rotting corpse out in the open.

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  • I’d like to test creating a podcast using Google Hangouts. Anyone interested? I was thinking 2pm on Sunday. Topic can be the state of the local conservative blogosphere?

  • Karl Marx

    RMG has great potential. It needs care and it isn’t getting any from the owner.  

  • Drop me an email PaulRFerro at gmail dot com

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    EaBo suggests that there is a new ownership ‘group’, as though a single person could not afford to buy this thing…

    What is the daily traffic? (not counting the spambots!)

    I know its hard to manage something like this, but the value isn’t getting any better by letting it sit here like this…

    Okay, I am making a bid for RedMassGroup.  I will give EaBo $5 and a bag of M&Ms (the small size – not the big 1 pound bag).

    Take it or leave it EaBo…