Kim Davis is doing her job!

She is right that same sex couples don’t have a right to procreate and should not be given the benefits and support or obligations of marriage. She is right, and Chief Justice Roberts is right that marriage is the “right to procreate”, and Donald Trump is right that “Congress can pass a law,” and the majority made a false assumption. Same sex couples are not analogous to infertile couples, they are analogous to siblings and other couples that do not have a right to procreate. The majority never found that same-sex couples have a right to procreate, and in fact expressly treated as though procreating together was impossible and out of the question. But now that we all know the real demand is to actually procreate together, as the non birth sex with the same sex, the question becomes whether there is a right to do that, and the fact is, there is not.

Congress needs to step in and pass the Natural Marriage and Reproduction that voids all same sex marriages.

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  • Does anyone have any idea what’s happening with marriages in Rowan County, Kentucky?

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    The last link is the most interesting to me. It hits on surrogacy but also designer babies. What if the designer baby you ordered doesn’t have the characteristics you paid for? I find the judge’s decision to be untenable. If surrogacy is to be legal then you can’t not treat the babies as a commodity that can be “defective” in the sense the judge found repugnant. If you truly don’t think a baby can be defective, then it can’t be a commodity, and surrogacy and designer babies should be banned.

  • is to fulfill her oath to uphold the Constitution, not her religion.