What’s Goin’ On?

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As many of you know from outside of Red Mass Group I am in the process of moving to Greenville, South Cariolina for an opportunity with Conservative Review.  I will be working with them as the Director of Research with a focus on the Presidential Race in the short term with a lot of exciting projects in the long term that will become apparent.

That means I’m in the process of ensuring that Red Mass Group continues when I am gone.  

I was hoping to have an announcement of the continuation plans before I left, but they did were not finalized before I left yesterday.  They will be finalized shortly and I think you’ll all be happy with them.

One of the major things happening, is that the SoapBlox platform is closing.  As part of that a migration of all content will take place to WordPress. I will be a part of that migration to ensure that it happens in a timely manner.  

I’ll have a more formal post about the transition later, but just be assured that Red Mass Group will continue, even though in the near future I will not be running it.



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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I think the best thing to do is to will RedMassGroup to me and let me do a daily, alcohol fueled rant about RINOs and Liberals (which are kinda the same).  I would make a determined effort to keep the discussion topics to 3 narrowly focused areas:

    1.) Prepping – what can Americans do to prepare for the obvious economic disaster being brought on by liberal government programs and over-regulation.  Have you seen the national debt lately folks?  Just because nobody talks about it doesn’t mean its not happening!!!!!

    2.) The moral collapse of our country – again brought on by the liberals.  Every US coin should be stamped with ‘We believe in Family, God and Guns”.  

    3.) The eventual, and necessary violent takeover of local, state and federal governments.  How do we arm ourselves, how do we chase away all the mindless, intellectually dishonest and lazy progressives, and finally what should the secret handshake be like in order to be part of the cool group going forward?

    Who is with me?