GOP candidates that should give up, but not just yet…..

As the GOP bench becomes ever deeper with John Kasich entering the race, the obvious question becomes – Who should start to drop out?

I like Gov John Kasich and think he belongs in the FOX top 10.  But being there forces others into the bottom ranks and thusly into a likelihood that they will not move forward.  Although, if I were a candidate in the bottom ranks I would make an effort to be as loud and heard as possible.  It’s sink or swim for them.

At this time the bottom 6 are Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorino, George Pataki and Lindsey Graham.  Of those 6 the only one that I think deserves to be in the top ten would be Bobby Jindal.  Rick Perry I am not sure about.  I would very much like to know who advised Lindsey Graham to enter the race, because it was about the worst decision ever made by a human being.

Of those in the top 10 I do not believe that Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson belong there.  I personally like both men and admire them for their achievements in medicine, ministry and politics, but let’s face it – the USA is not going to elect a former Minister or slow speaking black man any time soon.  

What I am hoping for in the prime time debate of both the top ten and bottom 6 is a freakin’ Battle Royale.  I want to see blood.  I want to see men fighting for their political lives and the lives of every American.  I do not want any high-minded reserved discussion.  I want men fighting and punching and showing me that he/she is not going to take any more Washington crap.  

These 16 candidates have shown us a few things.  1. Anyone can enter the race for President.  2. 15 of them will be losers, but regardless think they can do a better job than Obama.  3. The GOP bench is deep with black men, white women, gay, straight and otherwise among them.  

I believe the next US President is among the 16, but I am not sure who it is yet.  That will be determined over the next year after the voters get a chance to see what each offers.  So help me God, if someone comes out and gives great answers, but shows they don’t have the fire in the belly I will be disappointed.  That is why I want to see a rumble in the Fox debates.  

Of the leaders in the GOP I like’ The Donald’s’ fire.  He is a man on a mission, but he is also a clown.  Voters will date him, but they won’t marry him..  Jeb has nothing for me.  Rubio is proving a disappointment, Rand Paul has fallen off the face of the earth, Ted Cruz will have a hard time sounding right with that voice, Chris Christie is the ‘Mall Cop’ of the GOP right now in more ways than one, Walker has overplayed his hand, but Kasich may be the up and comer in the crowd.  I think Kasich is the man to watch.

If someone is going to be the Democrat candidate they better learn how to fight.  That is what these debates are about.  So let’s get ready to rumble…

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