Commentary Magazine takes on Trump’s misguided immigration plan

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Commentary Magazine has very little good to say about Donald Trump’s immigration platform. The neoconservative publication says the fiery candidate’s highly restrictionist plan to seal the borders spells doom for the GOP in next year’s election. Not only that but the entire plan to ship out the ‘dreamers” is “heartless” and an assault on American values. The pushback isn’t going to make many on the Right (some who don’t hold pro-immigration views) comfortable. The implications of such a far-reaching plan are counterproductive.

Trump’s “plan” is an assault on not merely the illegal immigrants who have violated American laws, but those who have played by the existing rules to come to the United States. The proposal amounts to a declaration of war on America’s immigrant community, an attack on the foundational nature of America’s character as a melting pot for all the peoples of the world, and the inception of a police state that is incompatible with a free republican democracy.

Trump’s “plan” to address his key belief, the need to construct a great wall across the southern border and make Mexico pay for it, is no plan at all. Rather, it is an effort to justify this retributive policy. There is not one Republican candidate who disputes the need to enhance border security provisions. Indeed, that was why so many Senate Republicans voted against the supplemental appropriations measure to address the border crisis in the summer of 2014, when Trump was promoting the latest season of his reality television show, because it was not a border security bill but a measure to address a refugee crisis.

The problem with Trump’s wall is that it is infeasible; the geography of the border simply does not allow for one unbroken wall. Nor would it be effective. Even if you could erect this barrier around, say, Florida, walls can be surmounted, tunneled under, and circumvented in other ways. Policing the border requires police; human capital that comes at taxpayer expense. Mexico will not be paying their salaries, but Trump has a plan for that, too: confiscate all remittances from illegal immigrants working in America and hike the fees on all Mexican tourism and work visas. Erecting the structures necessary to identify much less confiscate illegal wages would prove daunting. Even if it was legal and could survive court challenges, a dubious prospect, this is a policy that would require a dramatic expansion of government’s ability to intrude on the lives of American citizens – a principle to which conservatives were once constitutionally opposed.

Trump’s “plan” should give conservatives who revere and appreciate their country’s history pause.

Add to that the fact that Trump wants to triple funding for ICE and you have the making of a disaster for the GOP says Commentary. Is the magazine correct? Are conservatives who support Trump selling their souls on the basis of a cheap issue?

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  • AmyGreen

    So I don’t think many people are confused about whether Trump is a conservative, or even a decent person. But I’m glad he’s there forcing this issue into the campaign and onto the front page. And if that’s bad for the party I don’t really care, because the party is just a means to an end anyway. I can tell you that if the Republican nominee isn’t convincingly serious about immigration enforcement I won’t vote for him, which means I won’t be voting if Jeb Bush is the nominee.

    I’ve never not voted before and of course I know not voting is basically a vote for the other party. But I’m not going to vote for a Republican if we’re going to get a Democrat immigration policy anyway. Maybe I’m the only person thinking this way, but I really don’t think so.

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  • pathetic excuses as to why we can’t do it.

    THIS is the reason why we as a country are going to fail….nothing but excuses as to why we cannot do something…..when it’s bullshit.

    We put men on the friggin’ moon with less computational power than your phone has.  Don’t tell me we cannot build a 1933 mile wall just because the Whigs don’t want to.

    Just imagine what we could do with the tens of $billions ANNUALLY that we spend on illegal immigrants from south of the border…

  • Great American

    First, amen AmyGreen!

    Second, Trump may be a blow-hard, but he is imperfectly speaking truth to power. Hopefully one of the other GOP primary candidates that is more centrist, like Walker, will be able to carry Trump’s core message on the dangers of illegal immigration (without all the inappropriate hyperbole) to victory in the primary and the final election. If not, frankly, I fear this country is lost forever in a morally bankrupt quest for the almighty buck.

  • Commentary, founded by the American Jewish Committee, has never questioned Israel’s highly restrictionist immigration policy, which I support by the way. However, it’s contributors are always available at Commentary, or in other venues, like the Wall Street Journal, demanding that America retain a weak enforcement, lax, even open southern border immigration policy.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Yesterday, Jeb Bush commented that in the last decade Trump was a Democrat more than he was a Republican.  That was Jeb’s push back on Trump for articulating his immigration policy.

    Ya know what I say to Republicans, part of the dislike for Washington insiders is due to party politics.  People, at this point, quite frankly don’t give a damn about party politics.  I could care less whether Trump is a Republican, Democrat, Whig or Communist as long as he starts getting things done.  Jeb’s comment actually made me like him less because it had this whole childish rant to it.  

    I think it is the same on the left because ‘Feel the Bern’ Bernie Sanders is a Socialist and he is gaining on Clinton every day.  The left doesn’t care about party politics either – they just want to get things done.

    If anyone thinks for one second that I give a damn about the future of the Republican Party then they are crazy!  I care about ME.  I care about my Family.  I care about my budget.  I care about my job.  I don’t give a damn about the well-being of the Republican Party.  

  • Donald Trump is many things, a fool, a blow-hard, an orangutan (that would explain his hair color) a racist , a buffoon, a hypocrite and a jerk. He certainly is neither a Republican or a conservative.

    What this jackwagon has proposed is taking the party of Lincoln and it the Neo-Know-Nothings, the instrument of a modern-day pogrom and protectionist economic disaster.  Like it or not, repealing birthright citizenship would take repeal of the 14th amendment, or at least passage of legislation to to re-interpret it.  IF these could pass, IT WOULD TAKE YEARS… just passing the legislation and w/ all the Court challenges. (Oh, and the anchor babies here now and born during the appeals STAY, under the “ex post facto provisions” of the constitution [look it up]).  This crap about stopping remittances is a violation of people’s property rights AND a MASSIVE INVITATION to big government intrusion on the citizenry. That ANYONE calling him/herself a Republican would advocate this is LUNACY, is contrary to  the stand taken by every Republican candidate for president concerning government’s in people’s lives and liberty ! Everyone in the Republican Party has been for better border security, e-verify and better visa enforcement (some have even been calling for these improvements since back when Trump was schtooping Marla Maples).  If we would stick with those policies,  MUCH of this problem (including “birth tourism”) would be solved.

    Last night, I listened to the Great Ape’s ululation down in Alabama. Mostly he just regurgitated the same sputum he’s been coating NH w/ for the last few months. However, a summary of his rant is this:  Nativist racism which includes spending several HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS instituting a POGROM to remove a group of people from  America (many of them taxpayers, others even citizens)whom he finds odious.  He called for us to STOP EATING OREOs because Nabisco built a plant in Mexico. He lambasted Ford Motor Company for building a plant in Mexico. (Hey Ape: Ford has had plants in MEXICO for NINETY YEARS [and in England for nearly as long]and, if fair is fair, should Toyota close it’s plant in Georgetown, Kentucky?  What will the American workers do, caddy at one of your golf courses ?) What did he propose to do to Ford? Impose a 35% tariff on their Mexican cars.  Just like the tariff he’s going to put on goods from China ! Fellow so-called Republicans, we’ve drunk this poison before.  Remember the Smoot-Hawley Tariff under Hoover ? It led to the crash, the 1932 election, FDR and policies which turned a recession into the Great Depression (which the Harvard historians still blame on the GOP)  — also 20 years of Democrats in the White House and 60 years of Democrat domination of Congress.

    Just a few more barbs before I close. I know many of you tRUMPsters belief that Mexico is shoving a lot of murderers and rapist over the border, yada,yada , yada…but the truth is that while many illegals are bad people, most of them are actually good. Many if not most of them pay ALOT of taxes. It is NOT CLEAR that we “lose money on them”.  It will cost even more money to get rid of them and KEEP THEM OUT (since they will have no place to go).  Even your Great Ape told Chuck Todd that he wants “to help them” after they’re thrown out, until the “good ones” can come back.  (I don’t speak Lower Primate:  what does that mean — if the good ones wanna come back, why spend biillions throwing them out?) Mexican immigration is (like it or not) down to zero in the last few years because of the crappy Obama economy.  They’ve been way surpassed by Chinese and Indians coming here as techies and students— who clearly HELP OUR ECONOMY (they may even eat our Oreos!)— but your favorite Orangutan wants to KEEP OUT these highly valuable people also.  You see the only immigrants Trump likes are Czech underwear models with fake boobs.  (I’m sure most of you readers understand I’m dissing two of the Ape’s THREE WIVES there.)

    Oh yes, Herr tRUMP also took a moment to tRUMPet his belief in great genetics.  After all he has such wonderful children: (including his lovely daughter Ivanka, Chelsea Clinton’s BFF and a MAJOR BUNDLER for CORY BOOKER [look it up!]). This part is really creepy given that Trump’s grampa, a sometimes-immigrant from Germany finally settled in Queens after making his fortune running whorehouses in Alaska (again, look it up). Got to give him credit, though.  He spreads those genes around. Children with three wives.  BTW, you people who think Herr TRUMP’s a right-winger, aren’t you worried he might just divorce you, just like he did Marla and Ivana ? Just askin’?

    Also, I must point out that Generalissimo Trump, the “most militaristic” candidate ever, who does’nt care for “losers” and people who get captured, had a string of college deferments AND got himself declared 4F after graduation.  Please try to picture THE DONALD in the Hanoi Hilton… it would not have been pretty ! (Some other POW probably would have had to mop the pee up off the floor.)

    Republicans, if you give your nomination to Donald J. Trump, you will see your party BURIED ; sent to a permanent and perpetual minority.  The Obama third term you will have guaranteed will see our county NEUTERED abroad. Every layabout here and across the globe will be invited to live in a permanent welfare state where the working few pay for the indolent many.  Everything this Yellow Haired Clown has you fearing now will come to pass IN SPADES ( I’m sure tRUMPians don’t mind that term)— and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT.

    BTW 3rd Party Guy, your moniker tells us your not much more Republican than Trump and don’t care about the party. However, if you drink his cool-aid, you’re not much of an American either.  Move to Canada before the Mexicans get you !