Where to buy a still beating human heart in Massachusetts?

The AG to investigate:

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said she will look into Planned Parenthood in Massachusetts to determine whether any local offices may have been involved in the tissue donation controversy that has hit the women’s health group over the past week.

“My office spoke with Planned Parenthood and they assured us this type of alleged activity does not happen here,” Healey told Boston Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting.” “That said, we are going to review it, we are going to ask questions, as always is the case. We will always make sure to look at any evidence of illegal activity here in Massachusetts.”

Thank you Maura Healey for looking into this matter.

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  • ….this type of activity is EXACTLY what they were doing nationwide.

    How should politicians of a political party that gets donations from PP ever get to investigate the trafficking of human body parts by PP?

    …and did the mothers of these babies get their cut?

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    was to call Planned Parenthood and ask if any illegal activity was occurring?  Really?

    Maura Healey: “Hi, I am calling from the Attorney General’s office, actually I am the Attorney General, but you probably haven’t heard of me.  Anyway, I am wondering if any illegal activity is going on over there?  Got any baby body parts being sold?”

    Reception: “Who is this?  Oh the Attorney General, gotcha!  Nope nothing illegal going on over here.  We are clean as a whistle.”

    Maura Healey: “Oh good!  Are you sure nothing bad is going on?”

    Receptionist: “Hey, what’s with all the hassling here.  Don’t make me call my boss and threaten you with a cut in political donations!”

    Maura Healey: “Oh gosh, sorry.  Didn’t mean to be so aggressive. No need to call the boss.”

    Receptionist: “That is better.”

    Maura Healey: “Listen, so there are no hard feelings can I send over a few Caramel Coolattas or a frozen Dunkaccinno?  You people must be hot working so hard to end human life.”

    Receptionist: “That would be great.  Gotta go, someone just ordered our poo poo platter for two if you know what I mean….”