We’re Left With Deval’s Crap, Including Steve Crosby – Suicide Watch for Hillary? – Lousy D.A’s

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Deval Patrick was not the brightest governor we ever had folks. His three swipes at the bar exam gives evidence of that.

But he was smart enough and had a boat load of Ronald Reagan in him. So he could play the part and follow the script. Take him off script and he was a disaster.

The one and only theme of Deval’s script, the one word that is repeated often, the single thing the audience leaves with was “first”: as in first Croatian Commissioner of the Fisheries and Games, or the first Latino/Canadian/immigrant/vegan Associate Justice of the Dudley District Court.

Deval delighted in the role. He was good at it and his fandom went crazy in delight. The more delight the more firsts he gave them.

He ate at their banquets and reveled in their celebrations. But he partied too much. He needed an intervention that never came.

Now he’s gone and we are left with a trail of his shit.  For instance, way too many lousy judges. They’re hurting rather than helping many who need it most. Justice is not only blind it’s mentally challenged.

Even Steve Crosby was a first. The first person who cant understand the simple and widely understood concept of “appearance of conflict” who got appointed to a position that is required by law to not have any iota of appearance of conflict.

Funny, isn’t it?

When will Hillary have a public breakdown? After New Hampshire? I don’t know. But once she understands that Bernie’s big vote counts are more about her than him she will lose it.

Whenever you think your job sucks stop and think what it must be like to work on Hillary’s campaign.

The Mass District Attorney’s are out of control. (Like most)

Tim Cruz and Dan Conley are the worst and most dangerous to the justice system.

They have a win-at-all-costs-and-every- judge-and-lawyer-not-on-their-side-are-evil mentality that has no room for justice.

Thank God for Maura Healy. Folks, I think we may have something here. I can’t believe she worked for that ultra-fascist and obtuse Martha Coakley.

I’m Voting for Bernie Sanders and I urge you to do the same. Pull a Dem ballot.

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