Steve Wynn Threatening Defamation Suit = Admission He Has Big Problem. Reason$ to Fold

Holy Shit! I’d have to say that Marty Walsh is pulling ahead as they race around the backstretch.

Steve Wynn is threatening to sue a big city mayor for allegations made in court filings. (Good luck with that) In this case that’s the legal equivalent of a kid saying “Oh yeah?”

Right now I’m betting that Steve Wynn wishes he never heard of Everett or Carlo DiMaria or that fucking-little-sober-ginger of a man Walsh.

He especially wishes he never heard of Steve Crosby. What an a-hole.

Everything was in place. Who cares about the mayor of Backwater Boston? Wynn’s done this a thousand times before.

But wait. These idiots Crosby and McHugh think they’re the captain and the social director of the Love Boat, I mean MA Gambling Commission.

With these two running the ship the case was easily made that reasonable people would see an appearance of conflict through out the entire process, if not something more and sinister.

Forget about Boston, Somerville, Revere, Suffolk Downs, and Mohegan Sun. How can the other regions feel secure when it appears Crosby and friends favors thier eastern MA competitor Wynn?

Because Crosby spit out this conflict of interest lay-up the law suits came. And when there are lawsuits there are more things uncovered.

In this case there seems to be good faith basis that some hankie-pankie was going own between a retired state trooper/private investigator ultimately working for someone with a pipeline to Wynn’s company and some friends in former Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office. Supposedly some of Martha’s minions were allowing Wynn investigators access to criminal files on open investigations involving the Everett site.

“No big deal,” you say? Well it is a big deal. A very big deal.

If true it shows that Wynn’s company is tainted. Not pure. Open to shenanigans. It means they are pretty much automatically disallowed from the Everett license.

“Is that all,” you say? “Wynn doesn’t need Everett or Boston or Massachusetts.”

Wrong Jacks or Better breath.  Being as impure in Massachusetts as he is accused is strong evidence to deny licenses in other states and countries.

This can really affect his bottom line.

And based on this lame threat it appears he knows it and maybe looking for a way to bow out gracefully. That is one of his options. Blame the mayor and the state and pull out while the real reason is so the facts don’t get litigated.

Or Wynn could let this play out if he feels good about the facts.

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