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What did you guys think of the first Baker/Rosenberg/DeLeo budget?

I’ll tell you what I thought. Stan Rosenberg is in over his head and the Senate will suffer because of it. Did Stan get anything significant for the Senate?

Was this budget one of many frustrations the very liberal Stan is having with the conservative Baker and the more conservative DeLeo whom he needlessly shot arrows at by demanding Senators have more than one vote in conference committees?

Stan lasted one term as Ways and Means chair. Then he went back to the back bench until time and the Freddie Wyshak Vacuum sucked more and more talent and experience out of the building leaving him as the last man standing sort of thing.


Harper Lee just made it easier to identify phony knee-jerk liberals who couldn’t put together an original thought if their lives depended on it.

Is it that hard to understand a person believing black people are inferior to whites would still defend one when wrongfully accused?

What if the black guy was guilty? Still, how hard is to believe that the same man would defend him against vigilantes?

Doesn’t matter. Tom Robinson didn’t rape that white woman.

But these fraud liberals. Not the real liberals, just the frauds. They make-up most of them. Same as conservatives. Idiots who just want to be part of something but unfortunately beyond raving pompoms they’re useless.

I agree with matt Connolly. Something about the Boston cop’s kid getting set-up by the FBI for the terrorist charge leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The kid has a lengthy and well-documented history of mental illness including multiple hospitalizations.

Last year the father informs the FBI about him. Think about that.

What did the ghost police, I mean the terrorist fighters do?

They took the lay-up of course. Rather than diffuse they poured gasoline on the situation. They fired the mentally ill kid up.

Then they got him all sorts of guns and artillery. Stuff he would never have been able to get on his own.

Game over. The kids going away for a long time. You saw all those weapons the FBI displayed. Thank God they are off the streets. And thank God the FBI put them on the streets so they could take them off the streets

Take another bow.

The boss of the Ghost Police, I mean FBI Director, recently held a press conference where he bragged that his people prevented ten terrorist attacks from occurring during the July Fourth weekend.

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters or the FBI?

When will Governor Baker make video cameras mandatory on state police cruisers?  For crissakes we can at least step up to the 1990s when the other states did it.

Our local media is so incestuous it’s gotten to the point that I would even trust a box score they report.

What’s worse is the self-importance. Mostly it’s just masquerading insecurities but obnoxiousness best describes it.

How about WEEI Sports Radio going all WWE on us and scripting internal feuds to pump up ratings? A bizarre rift between Dennis and Callahan has spilled onto the front page of the Herald. (see incestuous relationships above)

Their shows have turned into a schoolgirls lunch table. Jesus Christ guys, I don’t care how much they’re paying you, have some self-respect? You’re worse than The View.

Am I the only one who is a tad skeptical about John Dennis’s recent rehab stint? Something fishy about his “new life”. Too much too soon or something like that.

Anyway, if you write fiction for a living The Dennis and Callahan Show is hiring.

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