Should Rep. Diehl run for State Senate in a special election to replace Tom Kennedy?

Here’s the text of the email appeal by GOP Rep. Geoff Diehl He’s like to know if should run for Democrat Tom Kennedy’s seat. Sen. Kennedy passed away last month.

As you know Rep. Diehl was instrumental in tanking the unaccountable gas tax last fall. He’s an emerging GOP point leader on key issues including leading a broad-based attack on the pending Olympic Boston 2024 disaster.

As you heard, Senator Tom Kennedy passed away last week.  He was a devoted public servant who put in the long hours to make a positive difference.

I have been asked to run for this vacant seat.  I am seriously considering it.

While I am known throughout the district for my work as State Representative and for repealing automatic gas tax hikes last year, and now fighting to stop tax dollars for the Olympics, I would be the underdog in this blue district.

So I am writing to my loyal supporters to ask-should I run?

To win this fall 2015 special election, I will need to raise 5 times the amount I needed for State Representative.  Should I run? …

I believe that I can make an even great difference in the Senate, but I need to know that you are with me.

Anyone up for doing an analysis of the district and Rep. Diehl’s chances? Merrimack Man, I’m looking at you.

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