Peter Lucas: Obama’s preferred term is ISIL and he still doesn’t get it

Peter Lucas: As ISIS gets stronger, feckless Obama is still apologizing for the Crusades.

Clearly, the ISIS terrorists are winning the war on the Internet, in the media and on television…

The bottom line is that Obama will not send American ground troops to fight in the Mideast, or in the Levant, as he calls it, because the Levant is where evil Crusaders went to slaughter innocent Muslims a thousand years ago. To Obama, the killing was a one-way street.

Airstrikes and the training of others to fight ISIL terrorists, who have “distorted Islam” is one thing, but the U.S. “will never be at war with Islam,” Obama said.

No one is seeking a war with Islam, and Obama knows it, but he raises the illusion of a religious war, like the Crusades, so he can attack it. Obama for years has had a thing about the Crusades. He brought up the “cruelty of the Crusades” way back in 2009 in his Oslo Nobel Peace Prize speech without mentioning the slaughter of Christians by Muslims.

Last February at the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama noted that Christians murdered in the name of Christianity, just like Islamic terrorists kill for their faith. So the ancient Crusaders and the modern Islamic terrorists are morally equal, in Obama's view?

The liberals believe Obama has ushered in a viable foreign policy — “ending two wars” — but everyone knows America's stature in the world is in tatters. 

It is indeed telling that Obama uses the term “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,” which Lucas observes” is the ancient name for the Mideast, a region that did not include the state of Israel, which did not exist at the time.”

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